7 Natural Beauty Tips for Face for a Clear and Brighter Skin

 Hey, are you also tired of using medicines and makeup every now and then? Do you also want to get natural and beautiful skin? Then check out the list of these 7 natural beauty tips for the face, we’ve made for you. 

We believe that beauty is natural and you don’t need cosmetics for that. Apply these beauty tips for the face at home for natural and real skin

Natural Beauty Tips for Face

  1. Gram Flour

Popularly known as besan in Hindi, it is one of the most recommended natural beauty tips for the face. The gram flour is believed to eliminate the dead skin cells. It is also used for skin whitening, as it lightens the tans and sunburns. Thus, you'll get natural-looking and clear skin. Now to apply this beauty tip to your face, you'll need gram flour and curd. Take a bowl and put the same amount of gram flour and curd. Then mix it up nicely to form a paste. Apply the paste and wait for around 25-30 minutes. Gently clean the face with water and don’t go harsh while rubbing with a towel. Apply it consistently and you'll see the desired results.


Coffee might be your morning drink but you have a lot more to take from it. It is another natural beauty tip for the face that can do wonders for your skin. It is an excellent exfoliator that increases blood flow. Also, coffee has antioxidants that help remove dead cells. Thus, making your skin look healthier and brighter. Interestingly, there are many coffee face packs for glowing skin, whitening, removing tan and pimples. You’ll get various types of coffee face packs, chose according to your need. But first, make sure that you're not allergic to coffee. Also, keep the pack for around 30 minutes. When cleaning the face, rub in the circular motion; it helps in opening the pores.

  1. Lemon

Lemon juice is the most popular homemade beauty tip for the face. As lemon is rich in vitamin c, the antioxidants help in removing dead cells. Also, it boosts collagen production that is the connective tissue. It makes your skin more healthy and flexible. You can use lemon to improve the skin tone, prevent acne, and improve the overall health of the skin. However, if you've sensitive skin, don't use lemon as it will cause extreme irritation. To check apply, lemon juice on a small patch and notice if it is causing too much irritation. Now mix lemon juice with some water and gently put it on the face. 

  1. Exercise

Exercises can make your skin glow. When you exercise, it improves the blood circulation of your body. Along with that, when you sweat, it removes the dirt and toxins from your skin and face. It also oxygenates the skin that makes your skin healthy. Many people don’t know this natural beauty tip for glowing skin and if they do, they don’t follow it. If you want to get a better facial look, then make it a habit. You’ll need to do around 30 minutes of workout. It can also include running, cycling, etc. 

  1. Meditation

If a person is stressed out, then he/she has a higher chance of getting acne and breakout. If you’re into your teenage years, then you can also observe it. However, it is important that you stay happy and relaxed. And for this purpose, meditation is one of the best practical ways you’ll get. Daily meditation of even 10 minutes can bring a positive change to your mood and overall mental health. It is our recommended home remedy for clear and glowing skin. 

  1. Sleep

There are many importance of sleep and one of which is it affects your face. As we all know, sleep deficiency will lead to dark spots below your eyes. To avoid this try to sleep for the required hours. Your sleep requirement may be different based on your age and daily routine. But in general, you’ll need to sleep for 7 hours a day. It will also make you more energetic and active that will reflect on your face. 

  1. Healthy Eating

We have put it in the end, but it has a major effect on your face. If you’re consuming too much sugar, oily and fried food then it will degrade your skin health and you’ll get pimples and scars later on. Therefore, focus on consuming more vitamin c, fibers, nutrition, etc. Try to add green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, etc. to your diet. This will not only prevent acne and oily face but also give you a healthy and glowing face. Furthermore, try to drink more water as it will hydrate you and help in getting glowing skin. If you’re thinking where to start, then go for this natural beauty tip for the face. Apart from making your face cleaner and glowing, it has so many other health benefits.  


So, these are some of the natural beauty tips for the face that will bring a drastic change to your face. These are natural, tried and tested, and also have no side effects, unlike medicines and makeup. Hence, be ready to enjoy the benefits. But be regular and make it a habit. 

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